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Short notes from the jungle

When it begins to flow around you profuse sweat shirt sticks to your body like that has not been washed for a week, you can only see chaos all around mixed with disdainful laziness, and your hands udezaja again and again to slaughter enraged mosquito that is the finally reached to the .. .. jungle. You can choose
plane from Lima to Iquitos, the flight takes only 2 hours, but we decided to complicate the journey to the max and tear up the road by the Peruvian jungle river here called Selwa. In Pucallpie, port city on the River Ucayali, we bought hammocks and boarded the old barge transport. Because of Iquitos not reach any road, and the city is fairly large, all stocks of activity are mainly here for the help bar. After speaking with the captain, we found that the outflow the next day in the morning. Barge has a floor devoted to hammocks, and all the rest is all hard at what is needed for life.
barge into the heart of the jungle

People await the last to leave, but the captain on the question whether the longer we go, with a smile on her face responds to sail at any moment. I just waited for two days (my only one), and on Tuesday there was an afternoon engines have already started and loaded to the brim with a barge slowly she moved deep into the Amazon jungle.
atmosphere on board is thick. Gesta from people, sweat, and of course the product zalodowanego hammocks. But not any tension wyczowa August and rage. Here we all are ready, the trip may be delayed for an hour, a day or more:))) In the port we were told the boat will sail approximately four days sailing through exactly 6:))) In selwie time does not play a priority role in the life of the local population.
better because of the crowd does not move wogole

So we found a corner for themselves in Plat sznurkowi and hammocks. Time in travel Mijal slowly and lazily, variety places certain events. Except the unexpected twists and turns in a grounding for 2 hours. whether the cow falling overboard with her rescue, the largest Places were moments to wrap small villages. Then it happened, on board running in a bunch of goodies from the jungle. excellent roasted fish, fruits including bananas flavored with apples and other celebrities. Moreover, the main entertainment was inaccessible and mysterious awe of nature and the river of life. Too bad the whole time it was the same nature:)))
fresh fish from the Amazon

It was something disturbing in the barge. It is not about the fact that the whole time it was breaking down and August with something zderzalismy. More pokoilo us what was happening in the kitchen:))) Generally, the food was nasty. Watery gruel for breakfast Mealy, sweetish cinnamon flavor, plus Bulka for clogging. For lunch and dinner, something more permanent, mainly rice Be Rosol depends what nawinelo. All this prepared the effeminate gay man with his 12 year old "helper". The guys were going, indeed, sometimes they did Niezly show on board. But adored Seba did not bring the desired effects, and Seba had to walk into the bucket roundabout way :)))) dumbest was that the cook gay courtship odzucenie brought serious implications cooking. Instead of the fresh bread boules getting to ruddy:)) that has experienced one of our hamakowych neighbors, who also was caught off gay amorow.
Everything was nice and pleasant ...... but ...... cholerka little dluuuuuugo. After the fourth day of August in the light falling into apathy splywowy. We have books and we had some other fun but the people on board were able to do .... nothing .. for 6 days. Well, they are used to it, but more on that later:)))
Day 6 August Zbiza south, and our eyes appears to desired Iquitos situated at the gateway to the Amazon River. Hurry up lad and we feel that we are at the heart of the jungle. We take motoriksze and we go to the crowded quay to the center. Everyone in the circle to repeat the order uwarzac that Iquitos is dangerous. However, during the four days of our stay we encountered the same guitar people.
Already a long time we were in the city where there are many things to see and do. Iquitos and surroundings are so different and exotic, different from all the places, which has so far visited. potroche This is about people, very different in appearance from the Peruvians from the mountains but above all the wildness of the city, which has its own rules, laws jungle. Very special place to visit is the market and the Belem district. Starting from the market, it is no different in appearance from other Peruvian crowded markets and product offerings. Apart from wild animals living in the jungle like: monkeys, alligators, parrots, toucans, turtles and others, you can also try the same pets from the grill: (sad but it's the local reality. It is an interesting division of the shamanistic and gimmicks and objects. Found here for every potion przpadlosc from breakdowns of love after cancer. Quite popular products are chalucynogenne products such as Ayahuasca or San Pedro.
Marketplace Belem

Marketplace in Belem also

UUUUUUUU!? malpka for 20 zl

the market goes down to the sunken half a year for Belem district. Theoretically, this is the most dangerous neighborhood in Iquitos, but after the swim during the day Kanou things does not belong to the extreme. For the first houses you can still get the footbridges but already referred to only by boat. All the apartments are located here or on stilts or on a floating wooden platforms. There is everything: shops, schools, bars and discos which under load of people doing the flood in August for several feet, creating a water potancowy. We jumped on one of the small bar to SAIL. It does not give here only the normal lifts of drinks with fruit trees, Be. Quite restrained so strong we finished :)))) only a few inches in the dry season, water sinks along with the houses and we prefer not to think what prevails here then shit. A proposed muck, there are the ubiquitous mosquitoes. Two months before our arrival the town was struck by an epidemic of dengue fever and the disease is treated very seriously here.
on one of Andrzejkami

Floating slums Belem

main tourist attractions is Quistococha. Zoological garden plaza connected to the city over the warm lagoon. Milo the watch up close (really close) all the monsters that live in the jungle. I live here a lot of jaguars and pumas. Came here taken from the villages where as small kittens were household pets, and began to grow as a problem. They can not go back to the jungle, because we do not know how to hunt so the zoo is the only option besides rewrite the wallets and belts for backpackers. Many other species have seen for the first time in my life, wiekszac have also been requisitioned by the police of Interest. A proposed this police - was created for the protection of wild animals but in reality does nothing in that direction. As most people are quite lazy jungle and the people came to his work with a fairly large distance. In fact, everyone comes here for everything from disdainful distance. So sometimes it seems that these people simply are not doing anything, or want to make it happen. Near
zoo there is a rescue center porpoises Amazon. The Foundation funded the U.S. has been formed mainly to education of people for whom pets they constitute Niezly delicacy. In our institution have three specimens, which can be fed while the tutor provides interesting information.
tiny 3 ms manatee

last stage of our visit was selwie expedition deep into the jungle to the wild and harmful crossing. That was supposed to be from the assumption:))) But the jungle is not as dangerous as one can expect. The main predators are jaguars and alligators, but these first live in arid regions and these are highly expensive hunted and eaten, so I meet a lot of luck is a big :)))) In the forest we spent four days with our guide who was showing us the different pets and taught how to use a number of medical plants.
big trees - cutting the might of

Bozenka cuts tlusciutkiego bug Suri

zelazny hug - Boa snake in his own person

piranha - common lake fish

this region during the rainy season is flooded by water so we mostly swam Kanou. In the morning wyplywalismy to track different creatures from the monkeys after various birds, and at night under cover of darkness, "hunted" from the camera to the alligators. Alligators, but only found a male:))) probably ate the rest already: (((In fact, all the animals in selwie are endangered due to predatory and uncontrolled hunting for them. Eats she brings everything that moves, without thinking whether it is a species threatened or no. So it is with felling of trees. Cut the whole tracts of woodland without creative awards of their place of new forest crops. Sometimes you just fall down like the hands of thoughtless listening to translations. If I want to save the jungle, first trza this simple knock to the head that people here are having a thoughtlessness. During our trip we caught a fish in the rivers and lagoons, some day we went to catch piranhas, which skonsumowalismi evening. One of the highlights was a trip to the jungle eating chalucynogennej ayahuasca session in the company of a shaman. Session turned out to be lime to the max. Bozenka August fell ill and I did not feel even a single vision, at the lime. But from the beginning was really cosmically with songs and prayers szamnskimi accompanied by the sounds of the upcoming storm and the wild jungle. One morning we found in his house hairy and a great tarantulle:))) we caught a snake Boa, flew around us krwiopijcze bats and monkeys in the trees went:))) generally includes a trip to be successful, however, should zaznczyc with the selwie soon will not be a lot of animals, and will be only mosquitoes.
sea level meeting

idyll in the jungle

Now we are in a small town on the banks of the river Marañón, Naucie , and we look forward to a barge, which we exported from jungle. Today we had the opportunity to contribute the destruction and skosztowalismy aligotorow one from the grill. On the misery appeared to be good, a bit like chicken. Remorse were killing us for half a day but then we treated it as a regional dish gdzyz there is not anything extraordinary.
one of the most dangerous jungle animals - from the grill! (Tastes like chicken)


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